Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bucket List...

My Bucket List is growing. Finding some similar items on my friends' lists. It seems a few of us may be trying to head to Italy in the next few years. Tuscany...look out! We are heading your way.
Also, had a very busy week at work with a mix of sick children. Children doing better, work slowing down but it was a very rewarding week. Had some fantastic feedback and our remodel is complete. The store looks amazing and honestly, I see now why we call it a "refresh". The new d├ęcor helps give a refreshed attitude about our store, company and with the new product's going to be fabulous! I'm really excited about it.
Off to bed...

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Other fun projects...

I was talking with my oldest, dearest friend today and we have decided to create our Bucket Lists. We want to see if we can assist each other in creating some lasting memories for ourselves and fun stories for our children, nieces and nephews. A Legacy of Adventures so-to-speak.
There was also talk of beginning an art journal. I've played with art journaling and I enjoyed it. Once my sewing/craft room is set up I intend to take on some projects that have itching to be completed. Its just too difficult without a place to create right now.
Some Bucket List items I already know I'll be listing are: Joining the Theocratic Ministry School again. (Hopefully with my Bekah, she really wants to join too.); Zip-lining across Hocking Hills; Learning to play the guitar (always been a desire of mine) ; flying in an airplane...I'm 41 and I've never flown and of course losing the weight my doctor wants me to...
I'm looking forward to creating the list and working on checking off some of those "boxes". I'm really excited to know that my bestest buddy is going to do this with me. I wonder how many of our items will be the same? Hmmm? It sure will be fun to find out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Pages Added

So I've added some new pages to my blog. The YoR (Year of Revival) Goals are for my personal goals for this year. I'm sharing to help with accountability and to keep track of how I'm doing. The pages are up if you want to view them. If you want to leave a comment, just do so on the current blog post.
Thanks for your time.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year...New Theme...

There are a lot of things I want to do this year. Not as resolutions, but as clear goals to be accomplished throughout the year.
So, as I read a little about goal setting I found a suggestion that was to create a theme word for your goal challenges. This was in regard to a year in frame of time. So...I thought and I thought about what would fit my goals. Spiritual - Relationships - Personal - Financial. What word would cover all those aspects and mean what I needed it to? In a word: REVIVAL.
Revival in the sense of renewing interest in myself, relationships, spirituality and in finding a clear path toward working on my financial debts.
I will be posting the goals next. Perhaps setting up my own accountability pages for the areas of focus. Maybe from time to time you could stop by and cheer me on with my reading health goals, etc.
I'd be happy to return the favor.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Older

Well, Rebekah has had a big month. She got her ears pierced this past week and Monday she turns eight.
She is a very bright, funny girl who is starting to take initiative around the house and pitch in. (Today, she took out the trash without being asked. She also likes to help make breakfast for herself and Aubrey.)
I'm so glad that my babies are growing up to be self-sufficient young ladies, however, I kind of wish they could slow down just a little bit.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm a Chunky Monkey!

So I've had struggles with my weight over the past few years. The weight keeps winning and then some. Today a co-worker took a photo of me and a different co-worker, when I saw the photo, I was appalled! My arm was so FAT that it didn't fit in the shot! I'm a little less than happy with this.

Since I've been waiting for a diagnosis for my persistent health issue, (still waiting too...on to a new specialist), I have put on more weight. I know I can walk, but I've been too lazy to do it. I keep trying to figure out why it's okay for me to give up on myself?

I don't like feeling sorry for me. I'm pretty upset with myself right now for doing it for so long. So, I need to take a step...

A step toward getting me moving and walking off this fat before it kills me!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

It seems it has been so long since I've posted, that I hadn't any clue how to add a button to my sidebar...Oh, BOY!

I don't have anything interesting to report, but have decided that I dislike Facebook so much, that I'll simply do a blog post and link it up to FB to avoid the over abundance of advertising.

I have some photos of the girls to post from first day of school. Fun little school papers that have been making their way home. Updates on the house that is still very much a disaster area and in need of multitudes of organizing, Crafty projects that need to be done and some that need to be finished. Especially one very overdue dress. Health and Well-being updates, etc.

I'm not promising anything inspiring but simple, basic updates on my daily living.

Sounds horrible...RIGHT? LOL!

Today...Bekah has been laying about with tummy troubles. She had a bad night of vomiting and belly cramps. I'm putting her back on the probiotics. They helped last year when she went through this.

Aubrey is entertaining herself with My Little Pony sets that Aunt Kimberly sent home for the girls this summer. She will play with those things for hours. I love to see her little imagination developing. But beware...if she knows you are paying attention to her little vocal dialogues and songs...she'll blush and quiet down. Shy little one. :)

Anna is a Freshman in doesn't seem possible. She is so busy with school and working that we don't get to see her much. Still, she did have a really good visit with her Grandma Ali recently, I'm so glad she made time for her grandma. It meant a lot to her and she was very pleased with their visit. It seems they are planning a monthly luncheon...I think that is wonderful!

On a lower note...our hearts are all a bit broken...Princess Poppy Felina is missing. Its been several days since we've seen her, Todd has talked to some neighbors about her and no one knows anything. I've been calling for her everyday and she doesn't come. We miss our Poppy. Bekah wants to post signs up and I think that is a good idea. However, her collar has my phone number on it, and nobody is calling. I'm guessing this is a case of theft rather than simply being lost.

Well, my little sickie is calling to me for assistance. Off I go.

Keep your hands busy!